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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Workout Routine Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Six Pack Abs

Workout Routine Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Six Pack Abs

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As you go about designing a workout routine to get six pack abs, it's important to keep in mind the various mistakes that people make so you can avoid this and not get derailed from seeing results. The following are some of the biggest errors to watch out for. If you commit these sins, you're going to move further from your end goal of having a flat stomach.

Placing The Focus On Ab Workout

The first big mistake that far too many people make with their workouts is placing way too much of the focus on ab exercises. While it is important that you're doing abdominal exercises to help promote a lean midsection, remember that ab exercises actually burn very little fat. They work such a small muscle group and don't utilize resistance, therefore burn only a couple calories at best.

If you want to burn fat, you're far better off focusing on heavy weight lifting for the major muscle groups such as the legs, chest and back. Ab exercises are great for boosting the abdominal strength, but that’s the extent of their benefit.

Overdoing Cardio Training

The second workout routine mistake that's often made by those seeking six pack abs is overdoing the cardio training. It's always a good idea to add some cardio to your training to maintain good health but taking it too far and doing hours each week is going to cause the body to hold onto body fat stores as it quickly becomes overtrained.

Instead, keep cardio training in perspective. If you find that you have to add more and more, chances are something isn't quite right with your diet. Look at making some changes there first and then worry about adding in some cardio if necessary.

Weight Lifting On An Empty Stomach

Think performing your weight lifting workout routine on an empty stomach is a fantastic way to boost fat loss? You might want to think again. Weight training relies on glucose as a fuel source so if you're doing these on an empty stomach, you'll quickly find that you become depleted. In most cases the workout will be cut short and more often than not, you will not be able to lift at near the same intensity level as you otherwise would have.

For best results, eat beforehand. It you maintain that calorie deficit by the end of the day that's the most important thing for seeing six pack ab results.

Using A Body Part Split

Finally, don't make the mistake of performing a body part split for your workout routine. Body part splits are workouts where you go and do chest one day, back the next, shoulders the day after, legs, and then finish off with arms.

These types of splits may allow you to really specialize on one specific body part per session, but they aren't going to do work the body in the best manner for fat loss. Since you will work some of the smaller muscle groups when performing the compound lifts (such as the biceps on a row), you'll hit many muscle groups more than once per week, and if not scheduled properly, could run into overtraining issues.

For best results, consider either a full body workout program or an upper/lower body split.

Making sure you're following a proper workout routine and a good diet are two key elements for success in getting six pack abs. If you can always keep these tips in mind you should find that you have much greater success.

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