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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Going To A Gym

 How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Going To A Gym

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Many people feel as though they could never get six pack abs because they don't belong to a gym. This isn't the case however – if you carefully design your workout and diet program it's perfectly possible to get six pack abs all in the comfort of your own home.

Here's how.

Purchase A Set Of Dumbbells

Having some weight will be incredibly beneficial for getting a six pack because it's weight training that will play the biggest role in helping shape the muscles, increase the metabolic rate, and ensure you see success.

If you can purchase a cheap pair of adjustable dumbbells from your local fitness store, you will be able to do a wide variety of exercises for all the muscle groups to help stimulate muscle development. Examples include chest presses, lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bent over rows, lateral raises, and tricep extensions.

It's very easy to create a full body workout with just a set of dumbbells and these are easily stored in your own bedroom.

Consider Your Mode Of Cardio

Cardio is another important element of the six pack abs equation because it will help burn additional calories to help you create the necessary calorie deficit for fat burning results.

If you don't have access to a typical gym cardio machine, don't stress, you still have plenty of options. Skipping makes for one of the best fat burning cardio methods, so that's easily added into your program. Another option is step-ups, which can be performed up and down off a high bench or chair.

You could also go for a jog outside if you live in an area that you feel safe in and the climate allows for it. Running stairs in an apartment building (or up and down your own if you're in a house with a full staircase) is a final option that's effective to burn fat and tone the muscles in the lower body.

Get Your Diet In Line

Finally, the third important thing you need to do is make sure your diet is in line and targeted towards the goal of getting six pack abs. If you're eating properly, exercise isn't even 100% necessary to get six pack abs, however it will definitely help improve your results.

Those who lack a gym should pay extra attention to their diet to help make up for not going to the gym and be sure calories are exactly where they need to be. Focusing on getting enough protein each day as this is what will help keep hunger levels reasonable and prevent you from losing muscle mass while on the lower calorie intake, and then supplement that protein with slow digesting carbohydrates and very small servings of healthy fats.

By creating your own six pack abs workout program in the comfort of your own home you can perform it any time you have a spare hour, which could up your desire to stick with it. Don't let not going to a gym be a barrier for you – instead focus on adding the right exercises that will help you see the best results.

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