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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Essential Exercises For Your Fat Loss Program

Top Essential Exercises For Your Fat Loss Program

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When creating up your fat loss program, there are a few exercises that are going to produce far better results than the rest. By making sure you take the time to include these exercises within the program, you're going to take your results to a much higher level.

If you've ever performed workout after workout after workout with little to show for it, it could have been due to the fact that you just weren't performing the right combinations of movement.

Here are the most important exercises that you need to add to your workout program.


Squats are often considered the single most important exercise for any fat loss program because they burn such a high number of calories when performed. First, squats typically are the exercise where you will lift the greatest amount of weight through the movement, which serves to increase the metabolism the most.

Also, since squats will work so many muscle groups at once, you'll burn the most calories minute per minute doing this exercise.


The second best exercise to include in your fat loss program are deadlifts. Deadlifts are great for working the lower body as well as the back and will also help you maintain your strength level while losing weight. It's important that you don't begin to lift too light or that could quickly lead to a loss in muscle mass.

Third, the next exercise to make sure is in place for good results is the bench press. This is a movement that will work three major muscle groups in the upper body, providing similar benefits as squats will with your program.

Watch when doing these that you do maintain the whole range of motion however so that you can reap full rewards. Far too many people only move halfway down the position, shorting themselves of optimal results.


Sprints are great for burning fat and toning all the muscles in the lower body. If you're currently doing moderate, steady state cardio, it's time you changed this around and started sprinting. Just be sure you schedule your sprints with your lower body workouts accordingly or you may find your legs quickly become overtrained.

You want some sprint sessions in the fat loss program but since you are on a calorie reduced diet, don't overdo it.

Hanging Leg Raises

Finally, you're going to want to put in an exercise for the abs since you are after six pack abs. Hanging leg raises provide a great stimulus for the entire length of the midsection and reduce the chances that you use momentum to help execute the movement.

These also are great for targeting in on the lower abs or the obliques depending on how you perform them, which are two areas where most people have trouble with.

Having a look over your current fat loss program and making certain that these are in there will be well worth your time and ensure you don't spin your wheels in the gym but instead get top notch results that you can be proud of.

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