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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Interval Training Is The Best Cardio To Get Ripped Fast

Why Interval Training Is The Best Cardio To Get Ripped Fast

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If you're looking to get ripped quickly, interval training is the form of cardio you should be choosing for your workout program. Many people make the mistake of spending endless hours doing moderate intensity, thinking that because they are working in the 'fat burning zone', they will see optimal results.

One has to wonder then why these people are there day in and day out, still performing that same hour of cardio? If it was so effective, they'd be long done with all that cardio and sporting their new look. But they aren't, which is valid evidence as to why you shouldn't give in to the 'moderate cardio is best' mindset.

Instead, try something new – something that works. Interval cardio is what will get you to your goals.

Here's why.

Shorter Time Commitment

The first reason why adding interval training is a far better option is because it's going to require a much lower time commitment from you. Rather than spending an hour in the gym doing your cardio, you can spend twenty minutes and get out of there.

If you've got a busy lifestyle and places to be, interval training is going to be far easier to schedule. It will mean you have to work much harder, but in the long run it'll be well worth it.

Better Muscle Retention

The second reason why interval training should be your cardio of choice is because it helps to retain muscle mass. Your muscle mass is the most metabolically active muscle tissue in the body so when it's at its highest, you'll burn more calories twenty-four hours a day.

That makes losing weight far easier since you'll be able to eat more calories each day while still losing weight at an accelerated pace.

Increased Metabolic Rate For Hours Afterwards

In addition to helping you retain muscle mass which speeds the metabolism, another thing that interval training will do is elevate the metabolic rate for the next five to eight hours after the session is completed.

This shorter term boost will keep you burning fat hours after the workout is over, while if you had done a steady state cardio session your metabolism would return back to its normal pace immediately after you stepped off the cardio equipment.

Lower Level Of Boredom

Ever feel bored while doing an hour on the treadmill? If so, you're like most. Let's face the facts – moderate intensity cardio day after day gets extremely boring extremely fast, and when that happens, the chances that you keep going to the gym begin to shrink. If you aren't getting in those cardio sessions, then you're definitely not going to lose the fat you're after, so results will elude you.

Since with interval training you're constantly changing the pace at which you're working with, you'll really notice a big difference in your interest level to complete the workouts. Because they only last for twenty to thirty minutes total and you're never staying at a standstill, the time will fly right by.

If you haven't given interval cardio a chance yet, now would be the time to do so. The benefits from it are profound and if you really want to change your body, it's the type of cardio that's going to accomplish the absolute best results possible.

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