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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Six Pack Workout Program: The 'Must-Have' Elements You Need

Six Pack Workout Program: The 'Must-Have' Elements You Need

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If you're currently on a workout program that's designed to get you six pack abs, it's important to make sure a few key elements are in place. Without these it's going to be very hard to get the results you're looking for as a critical piece of the puzzle is missing.

Many individuals do not go about their workout programs in the correct manner and that's the single biggest reason they fail to see success. Smart workout planning combined with an effective diet is what will get you to the stage of having a flat, sleek midsection.

Here are the main 'must-have' elements that you need to implement today.

Interval Cardio Training

The first 'must' for getting six pack abs is interval training. If you're looking to maximize the fat burning benefits you get from your cardio workouts, you really can't go wrong by adding this style of training to your program.

Interval cardio training not only burns more calories minute per minute, but it also keeps your metabolic rate elevated for hours after the workout is finished. This means you'll be burning calories quickly even while relaxing on the couch later on during the day.

Full Body Lifts

The second element of a good workout program that's designed to help you get six pack abs fast is full body lifts. This includes movements such as squats, deadlifts, rows, shoulder press, and the bench press.

Each of these movements will work more than one muscle group at once, so will be your best option for increasing the calorie burn from the workout, releasing more fat burning hormones in the body, and also shortening up the duration of your workout – an important feature for those who have limited time constraints.

Heavy Weights

Once those full body lifts are inserted into the workout, then the next important thing to add is heavy weight. Don't wimp out and lift a weight that makes you feel comfortable. If you want to get six pack abs from your workout program you must be challenging yourself. Get out of that comfort zone and you will get results.

You still must always be sure you're maintaining proper form in order to prevent an injury from taking place, but once you've assured this then be sure you are fully pushing yourself to your maximum ability.

Days Off

Finally, the last critical element of a good six pack abs workout program are days off. While you may think that working out every day would be helpful for helping you get a flat stomach, this isn't so. The body recovers when it's resting so if you are working out too many days in a row, you will never be allowing your body a chance to get stronger, so you'll just begin breaking down your lean muscle mass.

Aim to take at least one day off a week and preferably have one other day where it's just a light cardio session you're performing.

So be sure you keep these points in mind. If you do and can create your workout around them, you will see far superior results and will notice dramatic changes in how you look.

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