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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleep Debt and Obesity

Sleep debt is a matter for safety concern but I want to show its relation to obesity. These statements are not from a doctor or health professional , but from me and what I decipher from research I have done on the internet.
This is what I found from the CDC (center for disease control) and the "Truck Driver Occupational Safety and Health 2003 Conference Report and Selective Literature Overview".
Sleep debt is associated with or can contribute to ;
Impaired glucose metabolism.
Abnormal cortisol regulation (stress hormone).
Impaired immune function.
Altered autonomic function (elevated sympathovagal balance). Link
Long haul drivers who do not have 24 hour work/rest cycles can suffer from disrupted circadian rythyms.
Over 40 hour work weeks can cause helicobacterpylori infection connected to peptic ulcers. This type of work week can also raise the risk for ischemic heart disease(IHD). The longer the work hours the greater risk.
Truck drivers take note; it's ok to stop and get a good sleep in. In fact it could save your life in the long run and keep your loved ones from facing hardship and tragedy.
Thats all for now . Happy trails and keep the shiny side up!
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