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Monday, January 26, 2009

The benefits of fiber

It's Monday morning . I got up to go to work and the starter in my 02' Peterbuilt went out. It's early in the morning , so I thought I'd post a new article.
Today Im going to talk about fiber. It is the one ingredient any driver should be able to keep fresh and accessible in his or her truck.
The immediate benefit of fiber is hat it helps to make you feel full and satisfied for a longer period.
The great health benefits are numerous.
here are a few:
. It helps keep digestive tract clean and helps prevent colon cancer.
. It helps lower cholesterol.
. It helps prevent constipation.
. It helps prevent heart disease.
. It helps prevent overeating.
. Grains give the most fiber content.
. It is a key ingredient to eating a healthy diet.
A higher fiber diet will require a higher intake of water to keep it moving through the digestive tract. Fiber cannot be cooked out of fruits and vegetables and it isn't just in the peels.
To much fiber can cause diarrhea and bloating. Too much can also interfere with mineral absorption. From what I have read 50 grams a day is recomended.
It isn't hard to get enough fiber in your diet. I eat fruit , like apples, mango, and bananas while I'm in the truck because they are easy to maintain and replenish. I also keep plenty of nuts and granola and grain type bars. Kashi bars are my favorite because they have a decent variety and are delicious. However any whole grain type bar will work.
Thats all for now. Please visit this link for more healthful information.
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