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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weight Loss &amp; <b>Health Tips</b> from Justin, How Justin Lost Nearly 50 <b>...</b>

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*Some items Justin has referred to:
Medicine ball:
Heart Rate Monitor:
Body fat measure:
Insanity Workout DVD:
P90x Workout DVD:
GYM doorway:
Rumble roller for sore muscles:
Yoga mat:
Resistance bands:
Workout gloves:

Justin inputs his food intake for the day and count calories on MyFitnessPal:

If you would like a more detailed nutrition consultation, don't hesitate to contact Justin's mom (she's a Registered Dietitien and Nutritionist):

Low calorie meal cookbooks I recommend:
Abs diet cookbook:
Flat Belly Diet cookbook:
Beauty Detox solution:
300 Calorie Meals:

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