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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PX 90 Workout Intensive Lifestyle Program

The PX 90 workout is from Beach Body. The instructor is Tony Horton. He’s 40 years old, very ripped, and very funny. Even in the first week of the program, you will move your body in more ways that you ever thought possible. The PX 90 workout videos are intense but enjoyable.

The P90X Workout is a home fitness and nutrition system. It took more than a year to develop by leading fitness experts in the field. No angle was overlooked as the PX system combines exercise videos with a nutritional plan. Fast food is out. Eating right is in.

The PX 90 videos are very long. You may not be able to complete a whole workout the first few times if you are not already in good shape.

The Lean Phase workout, for instance, has three cardio routines, two strength workouts, and a yoga session. You won’t just run or dance. You’ll also incorporate techniques such as kickboxing and pylometrics.

The PX 90 workout plan is designed for both men and women.

The system is flexible. It allows you to progress through the 90 Days at your own pace, but you should be prepared to work hard. There are 12 extreme, heavy-hitting, muscle-pumping, sweat-pounding workouts. P90X is simply the most comprehensive home workout system available on the market today. From intense weight training and advanced Plyometrics to Core Synergistics and Extreme Yoga, you are sure to see results if you stick to the plan.

The PX 90 workout is so effective because it uses the training science of Muscle Confusion. As your body changes over the 90 day period, so do the workouts. new moves and routines are constantly introduced so every stage of P90X becomes as effective as the first.

In addition to the exercise program, the PX 90 Workout has a Nutritional component. The P90X Nutrition Guide was developed by nutritionist Carrie Wiatt. The eating plan compliments the exercise program. It takes guess work out of knowing what to eat and when. You will also be eating very healthy.

If you are to sure what carbs or fats are good for you or what snacks, dairy products and even what condiments you should be eating it’s no problem. The P90X Nutrition Guide gives you a list of recommended foods, and also outlines daily meals and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This is not a starvation diet either.

When you first start the program you may even have a hard time eating everything on your plate. But the idea is that you want to have the energy (through food calories) to complete the intensive PX 90 workouts.

You need to be moderately fit to be able to benefit from this program. If you are 250 pounds and haven’t exercised in 6 years, this is not the thing to jump right into. You need to lose some weight and work up to a place where you can handle an intensive workout program.

However, if you are active and fit, but want to take your body to the next level, consider the PX 90 workout.

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