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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Body fat scales review and compare


All these scales tend to under-read body fat percentage; in the worst cases, this could make you think you’re much healthier than you really are.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, training for fitness or simply keeping track of your physical health, the trusty bathroom scales can help you monitor your progress. But weight is only one factor in determining your health. It’s more important to know your body composition – your lean muscle mass and how much fat you’re carrying.

We assessed body fat scales on:

How they perform against underwater weighing (UWW), regarded as one of the best methods for determining a person’s body fat How easy they are to use Their level of accuracy How sensitive they are to changeHoMedics Healthstation SC540 Homemaker SYE-2007D1 Modern Living EF 138-21 Omron HBF400 Oregon Scientific GR101 Propert 3042 Soehnle Body Balance Shape F4 63161 Tanita UM-016 (B) The Biggest Loser HC10026 Visage Body Analyzing 4527 (A) Weight Watchers WW35CHA Weight Watchers WW115A

(A) In ALDI stores again April 2010; similar model in store January 2010.
(B) Discontinued. Replaced by model UM-051.

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