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Monday, September 7, 2009

Stress Fighting Food Choices

Sometimes life can really get you down. Working too many hours, toting your kids all over town for their wants and needs, taking care of household duties, dealing with personal or family matters, are all stress builders that can destabilize you physically, mentally, emotionally,and spiritually.

There are simple steps you can take to combat stress, starting with the foods you eat.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol when life’s particularly stressful. Stimulants and depressants can zap your energy and rob you of the fuel you need to cope with tension. Sugary foods should also be avoided , because they cause your blood sugar levels to spike then dip quickly. This can make your energy levels spike and dip at the same rate.
There are several healthy foods out there that provide you with the energy and nutrition your body needs to keep stress in check
Asparagus is high in folic acid and can help level out your mood. Folic acid and vitamin B are key in producing serotonin, a chemical that gets you into a good mood.

And though you hear negative things about red meat, it’s really a wise dinner choice for the stressed out family. Beef has high levels of iron, zinc and B vitamins. These help get you into a good mood, and help you stay there. Your favorite butcher can help you when selecting lean cuts for the healthiest choices.
We've all heard milk really does a body good. Full of calcium, protein, antioxidants, vitamins B2 and B12, it works to strengthen bones and promote healthier cell regeneration. Partnered with a healthy whole grain cereal in the morning, low fat milk is a very good way to start your day and better prepare yourself to deal with the stress that awaits you. Cottage cheese is another healthy dairy choice. When you add a fruit that’s high in vitamin C, it helps the body battle free radicals. Free radicals are elevated during your most stressed periods.

Almonds are also a great choice when it comes to readying yourself against stress. They’re high in magnesium, zinc, vitamins B2, C, and E and unsaturated fats. All are great fighters of free radicals. Not only do these nutrients help fight stress and free radicals but they also help keep heart disease at bay.

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