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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Cold Fighting foods

Healthy, nutrient rich foods nourish your body and help cells grow and reproduce. Healthy foods also help build your body’s defenses to fight off attacks from germs that cause colds. Healthy low fat meat, whole grain, fruit, vegetables and all play a part in building up your bodies immune system.
Another important piece of your anti cold defense system is water. Dehydration increases the bodies risk of germs latching on and not letting go. Be sure to drink lots of water and healthy drinks to help your body stay hydrated. One cup of yogurt a day can help the gastrointestinal track stay healthier, which can help fight off colds. Yogurt with live cultures is the key ingredient to help keep the GI track ready. Studies suggest regular dairy intake helps you lose weight and maintain your weight at a healthy level.
Another healthy food is garlic which contains allicin. Allicin is an antibiotic that has been shown in some research, to prevent complications from a cold. I suggest you add healthy portions of garlic to many of your favorite dishes to spice them up and help your body build itself up to fight against cold germs.
Theres an old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So can an orange. An orange a day provides the US RDA of vitamin C. Oranges are abundant in flavonoids. Healthy flavonoids help your body’s cells regenerate and stay healthy and strong. Green bell peppers are the best vitamin C source above all vegetables. Add them to your favorite salad, or just slice one up and eat it raw. You will also find flavonoids in peppers. A great way to increase your intake of these health producing flavonoids is to prepare a green pepper dip seasoned with garlic for an added germ fighting effect.
Lean ground beef, when prepared with a bit of garlic, helps maintain cell health and ward off illness. This is a great source of protein, selenium and zinc, and if eaten with a bit of tomato, is a great defense builder during cold season.

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