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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nutrition on the road

This blog is about fitness and nutrition on the road. I've been a trucker for twenty one years and the one thing I have had the most problem with is my health. When I was a spring chicken I ate food with lots of sugar and caffeine, but didn't realize that this was detrimental to my health and it caused an assortment of problems.

I need to tell you gaining weight was not one of the problems. I thought because I was lean and energetic that I was the man of steel. My reality was checked when I passed out one day while I was on the road. I was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with hypo-glycemia. The doctor explained what caused this.

The cause was the sugar and caffeine. They made my body quit breaking proteins down into sugar that it could use and that caused the hypo-glycemia. I was put on a high protein diet and suddenly I rapidly started to gain weight. I was young , and working out was the solution. The combination work outs, high protein diet, and low sugar intake got the hypo-glycemia and weight gain under control.
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