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Monday, May 23, 2011

CHOICE summer guide


With the festive season well and truly behind us it’s time to put down the turkey drumstick and start thinking about the year ahead. To help you get the best start in 2011, CHOICE has put together this health and fitness guide, covering everything from selecting the right equipment for working off those unwanted kilos, to the weight loss myths many people unwittingly fall for.

Treadmills are not cheap and there’s a mindboggling array to choose from. We explain what to expect for your money, looking at four price points: $500, $1300, $2300 and $3000. Our video takes you through the main features to consider. See our treadmills buying guide.

Crosstrainers are a great choice if you're looking for a low-impact, full-body workout. We tested seven elliptical machines priced between $398 and $2499 to find out which give you the best workout while still being comfortable and easy to use. The Insight E7000P Elliptical Crosstrainer (left) for $1199 is a recommended buy. See our crosstrainers test and buying guide.

For some busy professionals and young parents, finding the time to get to the gym more than once a week can be hard. We’ve done some investigations and discovered setting up a gym in your home can be cheaper than you might expect. Less than $100, in fact. See our home gym for $100.

There are so many fallacies surrounding weight loss, figuring out the best way to shed the kilos can be confusing. And sometimes your weight loss$name program might be doing you more harm that good. We’ve simplified the process for you by getting to the bottom of the top 10 most commonly encountered weight loss myths.

Are some people just naturally thin or do you have to work at keeping your waistline trim? Consumer Reports, our sister organisation in the US, conducted a massive weight loss survey. Read about the secrets of the ever-slim.

While this option should never be used as first stop to weight loss it can be an effective option for obese people suffering associated health issues. We look at the some of the pros and cons of gastric banding, the different types of bariatric surgery currently available and who should consider them.  

Designed to measure body fat percentages, as well as weight, these scales give users a clearer indication of their body's fat content. We tested 12 different brands and models. Our What to buy (left), the Visage Body Analyzing 4527, is just $20. See our body fat scales test.

For the one in seven Australian adults who suffers from high blood pressure, monitoring it in the comfort of their own home can provide multiple benefits. We tested 14 models, with automatic arm and automatic wrist. For $80, the Heart Sure BP100 (right) is a good buy. See our blood pressure monitors test. 

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