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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Secret To Six Pack Abs That Celebrities Keep A Secret

The Secret To Six Pack Abs That Celebrities Keep A Secret

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If you're like most people, you often watch in awe as you see celebrities sporting a clean looking set of six pack abs – something that seems as though they've obtained in a matter of weeks. Often these celebrities will appear to change their body like they change their jeans, jumping from role to role to role.

How do they make these amazing transformations? You may read about their workouts and diets in magazines, but rest assured they're not giving away all the secrets they use to get that body you see on screen.

What's the catch? What do they do that you aren't that gets them these results and that ripped set of six pack abs?

Let's take a closer look.

It's Their Profession

The first thing you must realize to help keep things in perspective is the fact that these celebrities are paid big bucks to get the look they're after. Chances are if you had a million dollars riding on whether you snuck that cookie out of the box from the pantry, you'd turn away much more often than you currently do.

When so much is at stake, their internal motivation is much higher therefore adherence will be 100%. Ask yourself if you've been 100% in the past? If you haven't, that's one reason why they appear to make these miraculous transformations while you're still struggling with those same last ten pounds.

Also, keep in mind these celebrities typically have their meals prepared for them and have all day to spend in the gym doing their workouts. They can sleep more for recovery purposes when they're in training, while you're stuck at your full-time job 40+ hours a week.

Now obviously this isn't something you can change – you have to work to earn a living, but to expect of yourself the same results as someone who can dedicate those same 40+ hours to looking great is unrealistic.

They Calorie and Carb Cycle Dramatically

The second strategy that celebrities use that you can start to incorporate into your program to get six pack abs is calorie and carbohydrate cycling. Far too many people get stuck on their diet and don't budge for months at a time. The big problem with this is that the body gets used to a certain calorie intake after so long, so with no change it sees no further reason to change.

Since celebrities are often under tight time constraints to get their look, they'll really up calories if they need to build muscle and then really lower them when it's time to cut fat. This zig-zag approach over shorter periods of time tends to shock the body into responding and giving better results.

They Alter Water Weight

Another thing that many celebrities will do, particularly if they have a photo shoot coming up or a walk down the red carpet is alter their water weight. They can do this through carbohydrate changes in the diet, hydration alterations, or through playing around with their sodium intake.

Bear in mind that you could do this too, but it's not always the healthiest of approaches. These celebrities are concerned with how they look on that day of filming so this isn't something they are doing all month long.

They Don't Maintain It

Finally, also remember that most celebrities who do bulk up significantly or get very lean may not maintain this in the long-term. They'll keep this body shape until the particular role is up and then they'll be off to assume a different role altogether.

In some cases they will still keep some of the gains they experienced, but often it is let slide slightly. Part of the reason is due to the fact that 'easy-comes-easy-goes' and since they got the results quickly, maintaining those same results proves difficult.

Since you're looking for results over the long term, this means it may take longer to achieve them. If you're fine with a quick-fix that only gets you six pack abs for a week or two, then fine, but the vast majority of people want more than this.

So be sure you keep these points in mind next time you're admiring the next celebrity transformation you feast your eyes on.

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