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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food Choices Affect Your Heart

Food Choices Affect Your Heart

Heart disease is number one killer among both men and women in the United States. And though we all realize that consuming high nutrient healthy foods help avoid the risk, we may not know which foods are the best choices to battle this terrible disease head on.
The key is raising up fiber and choosing foods that have your heart in mind. Eating unsaturated fats, like omega-3 fatty acids and olive oil, can help to reduce triglycerides. And a menu high in soluble fiber, which is often found in legumes and some fruits and vegetables, helps to decrease LDL cholesterol levels.

Sardines can add an awesome source of omega-3 fatty acids, along with calcium and niacin. You can prepare just netted ones on the grill, preserved tinned sardines work great in salads or sandwiches. Mackerel is a very excellent source of omega-3s, and is full of selenium, which is an antioxidant mineral which may help protect the body from heart disease and cancer. A great way to get omega 3s on the go is by grabbing a handful of walnuts for an all star snack. Add some to healthy green salad, or give chicken salad a health boost by adding ground walnuts.

Kidney beans are an cheap source of high fiber, are low fat, and have little cholesterol. Add them to salads and chili, as they truly are almost a perfect health food. Since tinned varieties tend to be higher in sodium, try to use the dried varieties whenever possible.

Whole-grain barley is rich in soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, which is good for combating constipation. It’s also a abundant protein source and has a healthy supply of iron and minerals. Choose whole-grain barley cereals, or substitute whole-grain barley for rice and pasta side menus once a week.

Oatmeal is a great way to elevate your fiber content early in the morning, and it also has a lower glycemic level, which helps to provide hovering energy stave off hunger. try rolled oats, and add some raisins, apples, and honey for flavor. Instant oatmeal isn’t a healthy alternative as it’s always loaded with sugar.

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