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Friday, July 10, 2009

Healthy Feet are Important to Health and Safety

Good foot care is essential in keeping your feet comfortable, fatigue and injury free. Good foot care is essential for people with diabetes. Good foot care is the key to battling athlete's foot. Good foot care is a major concern for diabetics who exercise because of the likelihood of injuries or irritation to the feet. Good foot care is essential to preventing amputations and dealing with the pain or lack of sensation associated with neuropathy and poor circulation.

Foot care is important though and if we take care of our feet we will feel better all over as a result. Foot care should be part of the daily routine of anyone with diabetes. Foot massage and foot baths also aid in foot health and relaxation. Foot care is often overlooked when we consider health and safety in the work place but this is wrong considering how important our feet are to us. Foot care is very important in order to keep your feet healthy and beautiful.

Diabetes can damage the nerves resulting from occlusion of blood vessels to the nerves. Diabetes can come on at any age and it pays to begin addressing it immediately. Diabetes may reduce the circulation to your feet. Diabetes can damage the nerves and cause a complication called neuropathy.

Skin signs are characterized by red spots in the initial stages which expand outwards in a ring-like fashion. Skin signs are commonly found over the shins and appear as brown scars.

Shoes should be able to provide comfort and protect the feet from all sorts of sharp objects that could wound the feet. Shoes should be checked before being put on to make sure nothing is stuck inside. Shoes that get wet will dry faster when stuffed with a cloth or newspaper. Shoes should be large enough to be comfortable, but not large enough to be slipping off. Wear proper fitting shoes that are not too tight or loose to prevent skin trauma. Wear soft socks that are changed daily.

Good foot care is essential for people with diabetes. Good foot care is a key component to diabetes treatments. Good foot care is very important to prevent problems. Good foot care is important to prevent recurrence. Nails should be cut regularly, straight across the toe.
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