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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Best Diet is Simple Safe and Effective

The best diet is simple, safe and effective. The best diet is one making a change to overall diet, forever. The best diet is going to be one that you can stick to (for more than just a week), one that includes delicious food and one you are happy with, not to mention one that you can maintain for a lifetime. The best diet is the one that works for you. The best diet is one that's nutritionally sound, has some variety and provides you with the components necessary to good health. Diet  The best diet is the one that you can live with and works for you. Dieting isn't just avoiding foods that one would consider unhealthy, it is determining which foods offer benefits to you. Fat  Fat loss can be maximized with a proper state of mind. Fat is the protective sheath, the insulation. Fat cushions our internal organs, insulates our body, preserves body heat and maintains our body temperature. Health Healthy Eating for Blood Pressure Control You can help lower your blood pressure by eating foods that are part of a healthy diet. Healthy food does not have to be akin to bird seed. Use common sense. A low-carb diet doesn't increase the risk of heart disease, but that doesn't mean you can gorge on fat and be healthy. Eating Eating less makes it more difficult to lose weight. Eating meals that are approximately the same size and combination of carbohydrates and fats at the same time everyday helps to keep blood sugar regular and predictable. This helps to stabilize your energy levels which in turn greatly helps you stick to your plan. Calories Calories have always been the bottom line if you want to lose weight, it doesn't really matter whether you eat low fat or low carb. Calories are a consideration it's true, but overall they are not the cause of obesity in America today. In my non-professional and humble opinion, over eating and lack of physical activity are the culprits. Exercise  Exercise counteracts the effects of eating by causing your body to use all of the resources you consume while eating to strengthen itself. Exercise is by far the best way to lose weight, get healthy, and can dramatically increase your life expectancy. Exercise, by releasing fat from within the body, raises endorphins and causes the same mood changes. While this is true you must not forget to incorporate proper nutrition to stay energetic and healthy. Protein  Proteins are the building blocks for living matter. Proteins are vital for the electrical properties of the neurons. Proteins will reduce the levels of insulin secreted in response to starches and sugars. Protein bars can help you burn excess fat, build muscle, or simply stay energized. Protein in diets usually range from 15% to 25% of calories, fat from 20% to 40%of calories, and carbs from 35% to 65% of calories. Keep in mind that you must incorporate healthy fats for optimal health. Sugar  Sugar or sucrose consumption also relates to destructive, aggressive, and restless behavior in many children. Sugar builds up in the blood and over time can damage internal organs and blood vessels. Sugar at high levels is toxic to nerve cells. If you do not abuse refined sugar they are ok in small amounts unless you are competing in a body building. If your goal is a perfect beach body then don't use it. On the other hand, if your goal is healthy and steady weigtloss, then you don't have to give it up completely just use some common sense and use a lot less of it, after all sugar is natural and there is some benefit from moderate use. Research Researchers compared several strategies -- low-carb, high-protein and more -- and none came out the winner. Researchers directly correlated the amount of weight loss with the amount of food taken in — more food, more weight; less food, less weight. Don't forget to incorporate moderate exercise to stabilize your results. This should be the key to maintaining a better lifestyle change that isn't so drastic that it requires the dedication of a saint to stick with. Conclusion The best diet is one that is low in fat, low in salt and low in added sugars. The best diet is an overall healthy one, in which you get most of your nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, from foods, not supplements. The best diet is to reduce your caloric intake by 100 calories every single day. The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on. The best diet is one based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of protein and unsaturated fats. I reccomend Jon Benson's Every other Day Diet for a wealth of diet information,nutrition tips, and guidance in the right direction. You will find this program affordable and whats more compatible with any type of dieter. .Vegan .Vegetarian.Meat Eater. Works great for all of them so for a little common sense . click here>> 

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